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Welcome to Deep-Z. This website is dedicated to a small 3D printing project looking at the usefulness of 3D printed components for underwater applications.

This on going project was started in late 2014 by Martin Baumers, who is a 3D Printing aficionado and researcher. Funded privately, Deep-Z is being pursued as a non-academic and hands-on side project during Martin's spare time. It's receiving considerable support from a number of individuals, however. Please see the acknowledgements page.

The purpose of this website is to share information on the project, which has led to the first real deep water deployment of 3D Printing in the first half of 2015 in beautiful Lago d'Iseo in northern Italy.

More recently Martin has been able to significantly scale down the submarine design used to build a (non-functioning!) model of a micro-submarine using a small scale 3D Printing process called two-photon polymerisation.

As a project like this will always be at its heart an exercise in digital manufacturing, it is important to Martin to make the design files of all 3D printed pieces of underwater equipment available. Please feel free to download and improve - if you can!


02 November 2015: Finally something new to report. Successfully 3D printed a tiny model for a underwater exploration robot, with a length of just 0.3mm.

15 June 2015: And another posting about the project on See here. Just seen that there's also a forum discussing Deep-Z.

15 June 2015: Happy to report that (after uploading videos on YouTube and Vimeo) the 3D Printing news site has picked up on this project and posted an article. Hopefully this will help in creating awareness for Deep-Z. Yay!